IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Powder 2 Pounds


IMR Trail Boss Powder 2 Pounds by Hodgdon/IMR

Product Overview

IMR Trail Boss Powder is now available for purchase, and we are delighted to do it. The Trail Boss Smokeless Powder by IMR Reloading was created specifically for low-velocity Cowboy Action Shooting loads. A great option for handgun loads, the IMR Reloading Trail Boss Smokeless Powder also works in various rifle calibres. High-density powder like Trail Boss keeps recoil to a minimum and meters accurately.

Hodgdon Trail Boss® | Hodgdon IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Powder 2 Pounds by IMR Hodgdon Trail Boss Powder 9Oz - 11119172

Specifications and Features:

  • Cowboy Action Shooting
  • High-Density Loads
  • Handgun and Rifle
  • Meters well
  • Works well with Large Temperature Variations
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